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2020 Horsey Hundred is Cancelled

It is with great regret that the Bluegrass Cycling Club (BCC) has made the decision to cancel the 2020 Horsey Hundred. We began meeting weeks ago trying to stay on top of this ever-changing situation. Our goal was to make the most informed decision possible for our participants, our vendors, our partners, our volunteers, and our club. Although the event is listed as non-refundable, we will be issuing a full refund. The current situation is unlike any we have faced in our lifetime, and we want to ensure that the well-being of all participants, vendors and volunteers is a priority. We understand this includes both physical and financial well-being. The refund will include the full event fee (including registration costs) and merchandise purchased. As our way of saying thank you for supporting us in past years and understanding this difficult decision, the Bluegrass Cycling Club will be covering the Eventbrite registration fee. The club does not want you to worry about losing money due to the event being canceled. This will be a financial challenge to our club, but your support is the reason for the success of the Horsey Hundred, which has allowed the BCC to offer this to all participants.

Our volunteers work on the Horsey Hundred year-round to bring our participants a safe, well organized ride. Unfortunately, rescheduling the ride is not feasible due to the event logistics. Most importantly, we did not want to add an unnecessary burden to our volunteers.

These are unprecedented times and the virus has affected us all more than words can say. We want to acknowledge those of you who are dealing with illness, either your own or a family member, and those who are managing work, as well as school and childcare closures. In addition, we all share concerns about the ongoing health of our families and friends, and the economic impact of this pandemic. Paramount in our minds has been, and continues to be, the well-being of our riders and volunteers. With that in mind it would be difficult to continue with the ride. Social distancing continues to be the norm. We would hate to contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

Again, we want to restate, we cannot say thank you enough for your support of the Horsey Hundred in the past, and for your support and understanding during this difficult time. We look forward to seeing you on the road.

Refund Process

We'll be initiating the refund process immediately. Due to the increased volume, please allow 2 - 3 weeks for the refund to process. The refund will include registration, fees and any merchandise purchased.  For questions, please contact us at

We hope to see you next year in 2021. Please mark your calendars for the Horsey Hundred 2021 (May 28th, 29th, 30th).

Thank you,

Mike Bagley
BCC President

Bryan Williams
BCC Horsey Hundred Event Director

Club Rides are Cancelled Until Further Notice

3-16-2020 from Mike Bagley, BCC President:

After much discussion and deliberation, the decision has been made to cancel all club rides and events immediately until further notice. This does not include the Horsey Hundred, which is more than 2 and a half months away. We will continue to evaluate the situation, and hope to resume club rides as soon as possible.

Ride Changes and Cancellations

Updated 4/16/2019:

The Ride Announcements Forum is the ONLY official source of BCC Ride Announcements. This forum is public. You do not need to log in to view posts to the forum. Ride Leaders should always make announcements to this forum and may optionally post to the BCC Facebook GroupActive BCC Members will receive email notifications provided that you are NOT OPTED OUT. If you are not receiving notifications, or are receiving notifications delayed  by hours or more, follow the instructions below:

When in doubt about the status of a ride go directly to the forum.

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Click for Instructions
Click for Instructions
  1. Log in
  2. Go to Forums and click Ride Announcements
  3. Click My Forum Preferences

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Upcoming Ride and Events

To view details about the events listed below, click on the event title and you will be redirected to the Rides and Events calendar.
NOTE: Rides listed below could be cancelled or changed and those changes may not be reflected below. Go to Ride Announcements Forum for ride changes and cancellations.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Rides

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Riding with the Club

We are happy that so many new members have joined our club this year!! We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to review our ride guidelines, which can be accessed by clicking on the button below.  It is very important for all riders to take the time to review ride descriptions, and to honestly assess whether you have the experience and fitness to successfully participate in the ride as described.  Our goal is for everyone to be safe and have fun on our rides, and this works best when everyone attends rides that are suitable for them.  
If you are unsure whether a ride is appropriate for you,  PLEASE give the ride leader a call before the ride and he or she will be happy to advise you.  It is ALWAYS better to ask in advance!
If you are brand new to cycling, please take a bit of time to learn how your bike works - how your gears shift, how your brakes work, and how to stop and start before joining a group ride.  We can help you develop group riding skills, and become a better and stronger rider, but you need to have a basic understanding of how your bike works first.  If you need assistance in learning the basics about your bike, contact our Rides Committee chairperson Tim Klesk at and he will help connect you with a club member who can help you!  

BCC Rider Guidelines