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West 6th Brewery and the Bluegrass Cycling Club

Invite You To Join Us For Pedaling for a Purpose 2018

  • Participants earn points toward a free tee shirt or jersey!

  • Each mile pedaled earns $0.20 for the charity of the day –



We will offer traditional BCC group rides for all paces, with ride leaders, but you can also come, sign in, do your own thing, and have your miles count for our charity of the day.



Program Purposes:

  • To provide educational opportunities for people wanting to learn more about bikes and cycling
  • To provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to ride a bike, whether with a group or not, to meet and mingle
  • To support health and fitness related charitable organizations
  • To mix and expand the various cycling communities that exist in our area
  • To provide incentives for people to ride their bikes
  • To introduce cycling to new populations


Saturday, April 14 - Presenter - Bicycle Face - The importance of bike fit
Saturday, April 28- Presenter- Troy Hearn - Paula Nye Grants and Bike/Ped Coordinator
Saturday, May 12- Presenter -  Keith Lovan - LFUCG
Sunday, May 20 -  Presenter - Crankworks
Saturday, June 2 - Presenter - Scheller's
Saturday, June 23- Presenter - Stephanie Allen - Liv
Saturday, July 14 - Presenter - Allen Kirkwood - Broke Spoke
Saturday, July 28 - Presenter - KYMBA - Troy Hearn
Saturday, August 11 - Presenter Matt Lee - Physical Therapist
Saturday, August 25 - Presenter - BCC - About our board, committees, and activities
Sunday September 9 - Presenter - Scott Thompson - LFUCG
Saturday, September 22 - Presenter - Transy Bikes

The Bike Part:

The BCC will be offering education sessions and rides from West 6th Brewing approximately every other week during the summer months.  The events will be on Saturday morning beginning at 9:00 am in April, May, June and September, and 8:00 am in July and August, or Sunday afternoon beginning at 1:00 p.m.  Rides start 1 hour after the education sessions and will feature various distances, experience levels, and paces.  There will also be an option for people to come, sign in, and do an urban ride or ride on their own. 


The Charity Part:

This year we will be riding for Broke Spoke in Lexington, and Transy Bikes  in Lexington. Our third cause is to raise money for the Kentucky Mountain Biking Association (KYMBA) to offer a kid's mountain bike clinic in 2019. 


Please check the ride calendar for additional details. Information will be posted there regarding topics our speakers will discuss and any program changes. 


The maximum contribution, assuming enough miles are logged, to be made jointly by the  BCC and West 6th, is $1,300 for each charity.

Rider Rewards Part:

Riders will receive rewards at the end of the program based on participation points.  One point will be awarded for each education session attended and one point for each ride attended for a total possible point total of 24 points. 

Riders who have 16 or more points will receive a free jersey
Riders who have more than 12 points will receive a free tee shirt

Ride leaders who lead 8 or more rides will get a free jersey
There will be a party, celebration, jersey/tee shirt distribution and charity recognition/check delivery  event in mid November!!!



For more information: or check out the Bluegrass Cycling Club Calendar: – Then click on “Ride and Event Calendar”