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                        Friday Horsey Tandem Group
HomeCode of Conduct

As members of the Bluegrass Cycling Club, its board and committees we will:

  1. Listen to all ideas and consider alternative perspectives.
  2. Acknowledge and respect our visitors and guests.
  3. “Call the question” in a meeting if the discussion becomes repetitive.
  4. Address any issues that arise with others one on one within three days.
  5. Avoid talking about an individual or specific situation during a meeting unless the discussion is relevant to the meeting.
  6. Challenge/criticize issues or ideas and not the person presenting the issue or idea.
  7. Speak for ourselves without generalizing.
  8. Have one conversation at a time and avoid side conversations.
  9. Engage in the meeting by avoiding phone calls, checking e-mails, working on laptops or other distracting activities during the meeting.

This code of conduct was reviewed and adopted on 08/11/2010